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Let's get you scheduled! 

All students are special and need a specific type of support. Here at   Lovie's Lessons, we support all learning styles and use a variety of research-based strategies to help your students reach their goals. 

Whether your student needs quick check-in sessions or to be retaught a full concept we have the right person to make sure your child is successful. 

Pick the plan that best fits your needs below. 

My child needs help with... 

Concept Building 

Homework Help

If your student is receiving a C or below in any of their classes consider booking two hours of tutoring per week. This will provide the best results and give the students enough time to bridge the gaps outside of the classroom. 

Want some one-on-one support to help you accomplish your goal? Use this single session to help you work out complex problems, prepare for your professional exams, or assist with a research project. However, you decide to use your session is up to you!


Tutoring works for students at all levels. Half-hour check-in sessions are great for those students who just to review homework or may have a few questions about a specific content area. 

Scheduling Multiple Sessions 

If you would like to book multiple sessions at once. First, select the first date you would like, click next, and then add to the cart. It will then ask you if you would like to add another session. 

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