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Session Notes

Lovie's Lessons uses Google Docs- Sharing to share session notes. 

Documents shared with you through Google Docs can easily be accessed together with your other documents on Google Docs and Google Drive. You can access them from websites or from mobile apps. If you need to quickly see and access the shared documents in one location, you can do that from Google Drive’s website as it has a dedicated folder for them.

Screen Shot 2022-04-20 at 2.39.31 PM.png

How to access Session Notes

Go to Google Docs. Go to the Google Docs website using any web browser on your computer, or down load the app.

Sign in. Under the Sign In box, type in your Gmail email address and password. This is your one Google ID for all of Google’s services, including Google Docs. Click the "Sign in" button to proceed.

  • Upon logging in, you will be brought to the main view with all your documents listed and sorted.

Identify a shared doc. Click the "Shared with Me" folder from the left panel menu. All the docs being shared with you will be listed on the main panel. This location or folder can only be accessed on Google Drive.

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