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Learning activities must build upon students' prior knowledge and tutors will allocate time for practice. Educators must continuously assess student learning against clearly defined standards and goals, and student input into the assessment process is integral. 

Lovie's Learning Model
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  • Pre-Assessment

  • Continuous Evaluation

Reading Diagnostic 

Lovie's Lessons Tutoring Services has partnered with Let’s Go Learn® to bring you a Diagnostic Online Reading Assessment (DORA) for grades K-12.

DORA is a comprehensive, valid, and reliable web-based assessment that diagnostically assesses your child’s reading abilities. Functioning like a personal reading specialist, it adapts to your child as they respond to each question in the online program, getting harder or easier as needed to complete the diagnosis. DORA’s interactive style makes testing fun, engages students, and enables testing from any location, including your own home.


Students will take DORA at periodic intervals throughout the year to track their progress.

Math Diagnostic



ADAM (Adaptive, Diagnostic Assessment of Mathematics) K-7: Designed specifically to be fully aligned with the Common Core Standards, ADAM assesses across 44 constructs within NCTM's five instructional strands.

DOMA - Diagnostic Online Math Assessment | Pre-Algebra

DOMA Pre-Algebra intelligently assesses students in 14 Pre-Algebra constructs and follows with a detailed roadmap for remediation/instruction.

DOMA - Diagnostic Online Math Assessment | Algebra

DOMA Algebra intelligently assesses students in 11 Algebra constructs and follows with a detailed roadmap for remediation/instruction.


Personalized Learning Plan

Next, we will develop a Personalized Learning Plan (PLP) for the student.

The Personalized Learning Plan is a document that is designed to meet your child’s unique educational needs. It’s not a contract, but it does guarantee the necessary support and services that are agreed upon and written for your child.


At the least, the PLP must contain these pieces of information:

  • Present levels of educational performance

  • Goals

  • Services

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