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5 Things Every New Teacher Should Know

So your thinking about becoming a teacher, awesome! Well here's what you need to know.

So your on your way to becoming a new teacher. That is awesome a this point you're probably a bit overwhelmed with preparing for your final exams, wrapping up student teaching and studying for state certification. That can all be very stressful, make a smoother transition with these five new teacher secrets.

1. There is no manual

2. Classroom management is key

3. Build a Classroom Community

4. Wiggle room

5. Hang in there

There is no manual

Teacher Handbook maybe, but as far as anything else to help you through your first few weeks as a new teacher, there is no real manual. How you should dress, what method of teaching you should use, or even what should go on your walls. These are all questions you will have to answer on your own. This may be overwhelming at first, but look at the bright side, you can be the type of teacher you want to be. That is a great place to begin, figure out what type of teacher you would like to be. Will you be the teacher that wears the three piece suit everyday or the artsy teacher in overalls. Who ever you decide to be, make sure your professional. You have the freedom to make your classroom as you unique as you are.

One helpful trick for tackling the beginning of the years is breaking your task into small manageable parts and handle it one thing at a time. More then likely your district has put out some mandatory requirements. Figure out what those are and tackle them first. Next there are going to be a few basic things your school will want to go with their school wide plan. Finally there is your classroom. Take a moment look around the room (Virtual) and make a plan. Figure out what is important to you and express. For some it's their alma matter, for others its there love for fishing. Every subject has standards maybe you want to highlight some of the areas you are going to be teaching, either way you are in control.

Classroom Management is Key

There is no sweeter joy in a classroom when you ask the students to do something and they actual do it. Please do not believe this comes with the classroom, 9it absolutely does not. Please know and understand there is a pecking order in school and the students will test you to see where you fall in the pecking order. Students will test you to determine your limits. Try to set the tone from the beginning. what ever you let a student get away with on day one they will try to push it the entire year. Remember communication is the key, get to know your students, meet them where they are. Checkout the classroom management article to get some more helpful tips.

Build a Classroom Community

Students should feel safe in the classroom therefore having a positive and inviting classroom community is important. If your students feel safe they will be more likely to interact with other students in a positive manner, will be receptive to teacher feedback, and get better scores in class. Bullying may lead to depression, which in time lead to isolation or self harm.

Be Flexible

This is one of the best tips you could get. So you've finally figured out how to plan and you have come up with the perfect one, congratulation! For my perfection out there, do not get too attached. There are so many moving parts to running a school that sometimes things may be dropped on you at the last moment. When this happens you have to push your plans back and adapt. Being flexible shows you are a team player and support the school's visions.

Hang In There

Ok, so maybe this is the best advice, yet. Yes you may want to quit after your lesson plans have been thrown for a loop, after you walk into a classroom and are completely lost, before you can manage your class and you have worked harder then you have worked in your life. Teachers work for 180 days year, although those days may be spread and some days may seem longer than others, its still better than many other professions. It is as though the teacher gods knew exactly when we would those breaks as they seem to be strategically placed. So when you start to feel feel the squeeze of the year look at your calendar and begin another count down until your next break.

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