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1 - 0n - 1 Private Tutoring

Why 1 -on - 1 tutoring  

At Lovie's Lessons, we understand all children learn differently. We offer a personalized learning approach perfect for your child. With 1-on-1 sessions your child will receive the focused attention they need to succeed

Get help in  ALL k-12   Subjects

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Test Prep 
Female Student
Holding Books
Reading / Language Arts

Tailored Learning Approach

Get acquitted. The first thing the tutor will do is get a better understanding of your student's needs and goals. 

Baseline. Next, the results of an engaging adaptive assessment and the information provided will be used to pinpoint the focus areas. 

It's a match. With all of the information gathered, your student will be matched with the perfect tutor. 




Dependable Service

Convenient. Log on and begin your learning anywhere. Enhance your learning without leaving the comfort of your home. 

Data.  Recordings and session notes are available for your student to access and refresh their learning. 

Connect. With our video chat platform, you will easily connect with your tutor. Using the shared work space and interactive tools your student will be collaborating in no time. 

We have the perfect tutor for you 

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