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Is Online Tutoring Effective?

Remote Learning

The Covid-19 outbreak prompted fresh investigation on the efficiency of online and distance education. The outcomes cast a favorable light on online tutoring and its effects on learners.

In one study, adolescents between the ages of 12 and 15 received three weekly 50-minute online math tutoring sessions. The researchers discovered that tutoring increased grades and standardized test results. Additionally, students who received online tutoring were less likely to have to repeat a grade. Similar findings have been found by other investigations.

Online tutoring offers students more than just devoted study time and additional learning resources.

Additionally, it provides students with a secure environment where they can make mistakes and ask questions.

Of course, in-person tutoring is also well documented to assist kids attain better test results and grades. However, it might be claimed that overall, online tutoring is more effective than in-person tutoring due to the extra advantages it offers, such as greater flexibility.

However, for pupils who aren't accustomed to distance learning, online tutoring might be less beneficial.

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