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Exam Ready!

Enroll today to get matched with the right tutor and pass your exams!

Our tutors blend the latest teaching methods, and engaging activities, with a fun reward system to inspire your child's learning.


Tutoring provides a safe learning environment where students can feel comfortable asking questions. With our engaging and supportive team, we will improve your students' academic performance.


Tutoring improves your child's confidence. students with confidence participate more, have better social skills, and generally feel more satisfied at school. 

Why Lovie's Lessons Works

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Meet with your professional tutor on our Live Learning Platform and get personalized,  effective, convenient instruction in over 40 subjects.

Increase learning with collaboration and direct instruction with small group tutoring. 

1-on-1  Personalized Tutoring
Small Group & Classes
Learning Styles 

Here at Lovie's Lessons Tutoring, we support ALL learning styles. We are here to remove the frustration from learning.

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Covering the cost of tutoring?

Tutor Scholarships Available

Lovie's Lessons Tutoring strives to bridge the gap in education for underserved communities. Through the partnership with the Step Up for Students program, we are able to provide free tutoring for those who qualify. See if you qualify today. 



Improve Reading skills

Reading Program

The Reading Program is an engaging, and robust Kindergarten to Grade 6 online learning experience.

With 266 learning units and over 3600 interactive learning activities utilizing auditory, visual, and tactile elements, the program is designed to teach and instill confidence in young learners. 

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